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Pillar Rock LLC… We believe that home is where the heart is, so why not put your heart into your home? We are a family owned business located in Lebanon, Oregon. Our quarry is also located here. We do all of our own work, from digging rock out of the quarry to slicing, drilling and polishing. We offer very competitive prices and would love to help you enrich your outdoor environment. Listed below are some of the rock products we are able to make for you…

¨ Rock columns or pillars

¨ Bubblers

¨ Water fountains

¨ Retainer stones

¨ Stepping stones

¨ Pillar rock stair steps

¨ Sitting Rocks

¨ Bowls/ Bird baths

¨ Benches

¨ Special orders

Rocking your world one step at a time...

Pillar Rock

38614 River Dr.38614 River Dr

Lebanon, OR


To contact us:

Phone: 541-259-ROCK (7625)



Pillar Rock LLC

Basalt Sitting Rocks

To contact us call:

(541)259-ROCK (7625)

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